Carb day

So, after several weeks with steady weight loss, I have for the past 2 weeks been at a standstill. Which is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. But it was playing with my head a little.

So for my head to get back with me again I decided to have a carb day where I would load up on carbs. Not from candy and stuff, but on normal food.

This resulted in me gaining weigh….water weight, and it did nothing to my head because I knew what it was, why it was happening. And it was only that one day, I didn’t drag it out over several days like I used to do.

I’m now back on track with my eating and my head is in the right place.

I leave for Norway in less than 4 weeks and hope to drop maybe another 3-4kg before that. But it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen.

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