Let’s try again

The blog thing I mean. The weight thing I have tried countless of times, but so far, the results are fail. I did have another blog at one point. Then they changed platform and it sucked. So I’m trying here.

Back to the weight thing. I have since mid September been working on my weight. And I have had goo results. But my head is playing with me again, has been for the past week. So even if I haven’t stopped losing weight or started gaining again, I am tomorrow «starting over».

I have tried many diets throughout the years. Best results have been with low carb eating. The previous time I did that, it was a diet. This time, it’s a lifestyle change. And slowly I’m getting my head in the game as well.

I’m well on my way to my target. It’s a long way still, but I’m hoping by Christmas 2010 I’ll be there. Yes, I would love to set a shorter goal, and I believe and know that by summer, there won’t be much left. But for a change I want to use a long time on the last 10kg.

Numbers. They are scary, motivating, dreaded, joyful, insane, etc. But here are a few.

I’m 165cm high (5’5″)
My doctor say I should be about 72kg (159lbs)
I would like to be 68kg (150lbs) which gives me a BMI of 25.
I have lost 14kg (31lbs) so far
I have several more to lose

This blog is about me, my life, my weight.

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